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What Service We Provide

We are an exclusive law firm in Playa del Carmen and Puerto Morelos specialised in Mexican laws offering legal representation services for over 20 years.

Trust Services

  • Constitution of a New Real Estate Trust
  • Constitution of Real Estate Development Trust between Owners and Developers.
  • Estate Trust for Mexicans

“I have known Attorney Nancy Soberanis for over 15 years, I trust her experience in Trusts Agreements and all type of Real Estate Transactions, as well as her honesty and commitment to her clients. Working with IUS Riviera Consulting team gives me peace of mind that my business is in good hands, and when people ask me for a recommendation, I have never hesitated to suggest their services.”
– David O. Martinezv
Trust Bank Executive

Real Estate Legal Services

Draft, Review and coordination of:

  • Purchase and sale agreements
  • Due Diligence, and Final closing agreements
  • Transfer of Trust Rights from an existing Real Estate Trust
  • Real Estate Trust Renewal
  • Termination of Real Estate Trust
  • Succesion of Trust Rights
  • Trust Banks Susbtitution
  • Real Estate Commission agreements
  • Lease Agreement

“Having built nine Real Estate projects in Playa del Carmen, has led us to meet many law firms and lawyers; Being a developer in the Riviera Maya involves many challenges in terms of management, commerce relations, and fulfillment of our commitments as developers, and on many occasions we have had the support of the IUS Riviera Consulting, with whom we have built a solid professional relationship. Reliability and good service.”
– Eduardo C. Vales
Grupo de SUR
Real Estate Developer

HOA Services

  • Legal Advice for Condominium and Master Condominium Regime
  • HOA Legal Advice
  • Legal Representation at HOA meetings
  • Civil Associations Legal Advice
  • Preparation of Internal HOA Regulations
  • Coordination, and moderation of HOA, and Civil Association assemblies
  • Formalization of minutes before Notary
  • Delinquent owners settlements HOA Litigation Services

“Having worked here in Playa del Carmen for many years with different lawyers, I have learned that finding someone you can respect and trust is imperative. In all that time there are only a handful of people
I can say have been consistently trustworthy and Nancy Soberanis and her team are among those few.
When I walk into that office I know I am going to be taken care of and that she has done her due diligence , and will always handle things professionally. I highly recommend her and the staff at IUS Riviera
Consulting for any legal matters.”
-Aristi Hatzivelou
HOA Administator

Escrow Services

The Escrow service is an Agreement by which the Escrow Agent recieve funds from one of the parties to carry out a real estate, or business transaction, so that, once the disbursement conditions are met, the
payment are executed based on the parties instructions

  • For Real Estate Transactions
  • For Construction Projects
  • For Corporate Transactions

“After 4 closings, i can conclude, that working with IUS Riviera Consulting made me feel safe and informed throughout the entire Transaction. The process was always clear and the funds were released when it could be confirmed that everything was ready.”
– Andy Whanschaf

Immigration Services

  • Tourist to Temporary Residency legal Advice
  • Temporary to Permanent Residency legal Advice
  • Registration of Mexican Companies formed by foreignors
  • Registration of Foreignors Legal Representatives

“I can’t say enough about our experience with Attorney Nancy at IUS Riviera Consulting! It has always been our dream to live somewhere warm and beautiful, that would provide us an option to the cold Canadian winters. When we were on holiday in the area this past year, an opportunity to purchase presented itself, and what seemed like an impossible and daunting process of purchasing property in a country where we are not citizens, was made simple and easy with Nancy’s help.
We felt completely safe in Nancy’s hands, as she ensured our investment was secure and protected. Also, her expertise, experience, and command of the English language removed any concerns we had around not speaking Spanish ourselves. I would not hesitate to recommend Nancy and her team to anyone in need of their services, and know we will definitely be utilizing them again in the future.”
-Christa Thompson

Legal service for drafting and contracts reviews

  • Construction Services Contracts
  • Contractors and all profesional Services Contracts
  • Real Estate Comission Contracts
  • Mortgage Agreements
  • Contracts amendments

“IUS Riviera Consulting was one of two Lawfirms referred to us and now, almost two years later, I am still very glad with my decision to work with Attorney Nancy Soberanis, and her team at IUS Riviera Consulting and I recommend them highly. My initial discussions with Nancy, over a 5-month period, were through emails, texts and video calls and I was very comfortable and satisfied with how she was handlingeverything.
Nancy is extremely knowledgeable, very responsive, flexible, accommodating, and easily accessible by phone, email, text, video call, and in-person. She is persistent in looking out for your best interest and
actually answers your questions and patiently explains things for you to better understand what is going on. She also provides guidance to help you make informed and educated decisions.”
-Diane I.

Corporate Services

  • Legal Advice for Condominium and Master Condominium Regime
  • HOA Legal Advice
  • Legal Representation at HOA meetings
  • Civil Associations Legal Advice
  • Preparation of Internal HOA Regulations
  • Coordination, and moderation of HOA, and Civil Association assemblies
  • Formalization of minutes before Notary
  • Delinquent owners settlements HOA Litigation Services

“We are an importation company and having foreign partners, IUS Riviera Consulting team has provided us with the necessary corporate advice to found and operate our companies. We were very pleased with their ability to manage legal documents worldwide. “Honesty, customer service and professionalism. The three pillars that characterize this firm. Happy to work with them ”
-Anuar Malcom

Mediation Service

Our services are offered to any interested party who is looking to prevent or solve any dispute with a third party, within the business, family, civil or community sphere.

With our professional orientation as Private Mediators certified by the Quintana Roo State Court, we create the ideal environment for good communication between the parties, in order to get to an agreement that is build by themselves to solve that conflict.

“Thanks to the intervention of attorney Nancy Soberanis, the situation that was not intentionally caused, which generated problems with a third party, was solved on time. Her performance was impartial and the agreements were fair for both parties.”
– Edwin Rosario.
DK del Caribe.

Additional Services

  • Registration of Marriage certificate celebrated abroad
  • Drafting of Powers granted abroad to be used in Mexico
  • Legal assistance to Legalized Mexican paperwork to be used abroad and viceversa.
  • Obtention of Goverment certificates from Real
  • Estate Registry and other Gov Entities.

“As a professional office who have collaborated and know the trajectory of attorney Nancy Soberanis, we validate the high sense of responsibility of IUS Riviera Consulting when attending to and solving all the issues raised by its clients. The collaboration between IUS Riviera Consulting, and my job as Public Notary, is to provide tranquility, certainty and transparency to our clients.”
-Javier Cardenas Rivero
Public Notary 91

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Mexican Laws

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